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Outdoor Event

Would you like us to cater your event?

Want us to cater for your school, office lunch, party, or special event?

You are in luck. We have catered 100's of events, large and small!  Here's how it works:

  1. We make contact with you regarding your event.

  2. We find out all of the necessary information and special needs that you have. 

  3. Together, we determine what type of catering would be best for your event. This can be one of the following, or a combination of them:

  •  Food truck onsite, cooking our full menu to order (Always preferred!)

  •  One of our 2 food truck/concepts onsite. Cooking a pre-determined, appropriately sized menu to order (Usually for larger events)

  •  Pre-made trays of desired food

Once we gather this information from you, we will reach back out to you with a quote.  If you accept this quote, we will invoice you 50% to reserve the date.  The remaining 50% will be due on arrival of the service day which was scheduled. That's it!

Please use the Catering Contact form below

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Please note that we will require at least a $750 minimum guarantee for most all private events (e.g. If we earn more than $750 on this event, you will owe nothing. If we earn less, you will be responsible for the remaining). Depending on the requirements and travel, this guarantee could be higher.  We do make exceptions to this, and if you feel that you may be this exception, please reach out. We don't mind having a conversation! If you understand and agree with this, please check the box below.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch!

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